Life as an Intern

So this summer I worked as an intern in the Multimedia department at my church. My main project was working on interviews with the mission teams from our church. I used a CD recorder and, as the teams got back from various trips all summer, I did a short audio interview with a few people from each group. Then I edited those down to be audio for usually two short videos, collected the pictures from the group and put those behind the audio. Throw in a few lower thirds, some background music, an intro and outro and *tadah!* you've got my summer project. I got to use Final Cut Pro for the editing and Digital Juice stuff for the background music and graphics. It was a great experience. From interviewing the people who went on the trips, seeing their passion and how excited they get when they get to talk about their trip, to finishing up the videos and seeing how far they came and how all that work really paid off...it was all good. Hopefully some of them will be up on the church's website soon, so I'll be able to put a link to them on here. Along with this main project, I learned how to use about a million different programs at the church. Great experience. Well, that's all I've got for now. Hope you enjoy the videos and I'll have some more stuff up before long!


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Kat Creech said...

Way to go! I am so proud of you and can not wait to see the final product.