I realized I haven't posted on here in a while, so I figured I'd do a brief summary of this summer. It's been crazy busy. It all started off with working at Camp Wild in Galveston again. I worked there last year and I still had a blast this year. Those kids are so fun! Right after that I worked at Basketball Camp at my church. I was so exhausted, but it was still really fun. And I was filming the whole week, so that was fun. Straight from Basketball Camp we left for Highlight Choir Tour in Corpus Christi. That was so relaxing and laid back. Really nice after two weeks of working with elementary schoolers. Chill at the largest pool in Texas, hang out on the beach, build sandcastles, try to skimboard, play guitar, sleep in. It was so nice. After that I had a week "off." Off of traveling that is. I still had to work.
The next Sunday we started our 23 hour bus ride to church camp at Silvercliff, CO. Beautiful. The bus ride was really long, but it was still good to talk to all my friends and such. And then the camp. It was just awesome. Best camp yet, by far. I don't even know where to start. There were about 90 kids from my church and we met up with kids from FBC Rockwall. Don Vanderslice was the pastor and he was absolutely amazing. I had to sit back and process everything he said after each talk. Fike and Dana were the worship leaders and they were really good. Then the atmosphere just couldn't have been better. I mean, it's Colorado. 80's friend night. Hiking a freaking mountain. Awesome. Then this last week was Master's Singers. I wrote about it last year, so if you wanna know all the gory detail you can read that post. This year was really good. A lot different than last year, but still really good. I learned a lot from it. Both musically and otherwise. It's just an amazing experience.
So that's my summer so far. I've still got a trip to Oaxaca coming up in August and then a little rest before school starts back up. Ugh. I love summer. I love rest. Anyways, just a little update from me. Oh, and I'll put up some pictures from the summer so far. Enjoy!


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